In order to assist countries achieve economic growth and sustainable development, AEMPIN offers a diverse menu of off-the-shelf, customized, regional, and workshops. Our core philosophy is grounded in the belief that global “management best practices” can be replicated around the world, allowing for appropriate modifications based on the unique characteristics of each country setting.

We passionately believe that the economic, social and financial returns from investing in capacity building will result in success in the empowerment, compliance and monitoring, public procurement, and general public management areas. Since 2003, over 16,000 participants from 46 countries have been trained by AEMPIN, resulting in scores of projects and transactions valued into the into the hundreds of millions of dollars, dozens of new management tools created and/or enhanced, and multiple agencies and national/local governments preparing and implementing business plans that focus on customers satisfaction, service delivery, and cost recovery.

AEMPIN’s Program Chair and Lead Faculty, Professor Wythel Elbert, is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of all AEMPIN training courses. She works closely with industry executives and highly experienced specialists, who plan and conduct all our off-the-shelf, customized, and on-site training courses and seminars. This approach ensures a consistent and high-quality training product that offers our training customers and clients a practical and innovative training experience.

In all AEMPIN courses, our participants are exposed to international best practices and case studies from around the world that are rigorously analyzed and adapted to meet the needs of our training clients. We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of each of our faculty members, all of whom are worldwide recognized and dedicated to facilitating knowledge transfer on empowerment, information technology, management and leadership worldwide.

AEMPIN continuously modifies our training content to stay ahead of the latest worldwide trends and practices. Our training programs have resulted in substantial cost savings as well as new strategic direction to our clients who have used the case studies, techniques, and empowerment strategies learned to plan and implement management and leadership initiatives more effectively.

Our comprehensive training and capacity building capabilities are divided into the following:

  • Off-the-Shelf classroom courses
    Generally one or two-weeks in length that are regularly scheduled and conducted in Houston.
  • On-Site and Customized programs
    Specifically tailored to the needs of groups, individual ministries, agencies, and local governments that are conducted in your site or area. Thus, any client interested in developing comprehensive skills in our training areas can select from a menu of course offerings, negotiate with AEMPIN to design and deliver a customized training program on any technical, policy, or management topic, or participate in an online course. AEMPIN experts work with each client to recommend the most effective training program and/or set of programs to meet each institution’s needs. All of our training programs feature technical site visits and study tours to allow participants the chance to experience actual projects and transactions being implemented in the field. The site visits serve as very useful and practical complement to the financial, economic, legal, and technical methodology contained in each AEMPIN course.