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Americas Empowerment Institute “AEMPIN” is a world leading capacity building firm with over 20 years’ experience in providing specialized and highly rated training in the areas of information technology, utility, governance, regulation, law, leadership, management, finance, public procurement, and telecommunications.

AEMPIN is a public, non-political, non-profit educational institute serving a global constituency.

Since 2003, in cooperation with Texas Southern University, AEMPIN has trained over 30,000 students and officials from 53 countries and conduct training both in the U.S. and abroad.

AEMPIN also provides consulting services to developing nations in the empowerment methodology and the designing of their economic and government policies, in efforts to further support and promote good and efficient governance through the cutting-edge regulation.

Key AEMPIN Knowledge Areas:

Leadership & Management Public Procurement
Project Management Project Management
Public Governance Information Technology
Public-Private Partnerships Utilities Management
Power & Electricity Regulation
Oil and Gas Telecommunication

Meet Our Executive Team

Dr. Nelson IlodigweExecutive Director
Dr. Ilodigwe is responsible for strategic planning, day-to-day management, marketing planning/customer relations…
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Wythel ElbertProgram Director
Professor Wythel Elbert is Program Director and Lead Faculty at Americas Empowerment Institute (AEMPIN).
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Mr Daniel LandonCommunications Director
Mr. Daniel Landen brings strong ICT service and military background with experience teaching many cultures and securing…
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  • Nicheeka Smith, Communications Manager
  • Tamika Moore, Project Manager
  • Nicole Bush, Director of Business Development Global Consulting Services
  • Patrick Aneji, Controller Finance and Accounting Corporate Services, Project Manager
  • Avian Wyche, Administrative Secretary – Corporate Headquarters

AEMPIN Employs Leading Faculty and Instructors

Below are some of the listing of AEMPIN’s faculty / Visiting Scholars in our Programs. Hundreds of distinguished individuals have taught and continue to teach in AEMPIN seminars since 2003. The faculty comes from the private sector, government, universities, and international organizations, from within the United States and abroad. In addition to being extraordinarily accomplished in their fields, they share an ability to convey both a theoretical foundation and effective real-world skills.

Each seminar is led by a Specialist, appointed for their broad experience and knowledge of the topic. A typical seminar is taught by a number of lecturers – each chosen for their contributions to the field and professional accomplishments. Because the seminar is conducted by several faculty members, participants benefit from a deeper and broader array of experience than would be possible in a course taught entirely by a single person. In addition to the Specialists, a partial list of faculty includes:

  • Jay Sargent, MBA, Telecommunications and Regulation
  • Richard “Dick” Burns, MBA, Telecommunications and Regulation
  • Edward McLaurin, AA, Telecommunications and Training Specialist

  • Cheryl Williamson, PMP Certification, Project Management and Telecommunications
  • Jan Ferrell, Telecommunications; Certified Instructor/Facilitator
  • Mila Gayao, HR Specialist
  • Barbara Wilson, Telecommunications; Certified Instructor/Facilitator
  • Inez Ihenue, Education Management
  • Nandini Gupta, PhD, Associate Professor of Finance, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
  • Dr. Jeff O’Hanaja, Head of Finance Dept. American Intercontinental University
  • Professor Ihunanya Anga, Thurgood Marshall School of Law
  • Atty. Margaret Mayfield, City of Houston
  • Atty. Dimbo Kanara, City of Houston, Public — Private Partnership Specialist
  • Atty. Melgar Gayao, Public Governance, Law and Legal Drafting
  • Dr. Cliff Atherton, Managing Director Gulf Star Group
  • Dr. David P. Anderson, Adjunct Professor, University of Houston
  • Jane Mallor Eveleigh, Professor of Business Law, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
  • Dr. Donald F. Kuratko, Professor and Chair of Entrepreneurship, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University