Consulting Services Overview

Since our founding in 2003, Americas Empowerment Institute has provided high quality training and consulting services to assist our clients in designing and implementing capacities that leverage the complementary strengths of the public and the private sectors for the improved delivery of public services. We take pride in working collaboratively with our clients and their stakeholders to develop solutions that reflect our core values:

We believe that the best public services are those that offer the greatest value for money – whether they are privately or publicly (i.e. government) delivered. To this end, we work with clients to: equip government processes and procedures to provide better and more cost effective services to its citizenry, maximize the commercial performance of public enterprises, either through the enhancement of workforce and/or the development of partnerships with the private sector to improve service delivery, and to institutionalize management processes so they can be implemented for generations to come.
Our solutions are designed with a diverse range of stakeholders in mind; therefore stakeholder participation and strategic communication are at the foundation of every project we undertake. Our participatory approach to project design helps us to work with our clients in developing solutions that will enhance the livelihoods of the public at large.
The ability to pay for service delivery by the citizenry verses the demands to recover costs by service providers and utilities is the number one issue faced by decision-makers alike worldwide. To this end we strive to design solutions that are appropriate and affordable for all segments of the population while balancing the growing economic and financial interests of service providers.
AEMPIN was founded on the premise that the path to sustainability lies in combining effective technology and management with the development of local capacity. What sets us apart from other consultants is our ability to seamlessly merge our consulting work with our capacity building services so that the development solutions we generate may be implemented and institutionalized by our clients.

These core values lie at the heart of AEMPIN’s approach, and they have proven over time to produce excellent results for our clients and their stakeholders. AEMPIN’s pioneering consulting and training services in information communication technology, management, competitive leadership, compliance and monitoring have resulted in ground breaking policy and legislative reform in dozens of countries, the completion of scores of projects/transactions, and the development of enhanced capacity amongst individuals, businesses, and government worldwide.

Our new generation of advisors focus on the complex issues in any emerging agenda and design working solutions to each client’s needs, and our technical teams implement market-based solutions to seemingly intractable problems and build consensus and proponents for solution through our training workshops – where ever and whenever the need arises.

Our greatest satisfaction at AEMPIN comes from the success of our solutions in stimulating economic growth, strengthening communities and improving the livelihoods of people.

The following is a sampling of recent projects which AEMPIN has been selected to undertake:

  • Public Sector Administration and Governance (Afghanistan Ministry of Urban Development)
  • Global Borrowing and Debt Management (Kuwait Ministry of Finance)
  • Entrepreneur Workforce Development (Afghanistan Ministry of Refugees )
  • Procurement of service within Public Enterprises Network (South Africa Public Enterprise)
  • IT Protection, Security, Auditing and Controls (Ghana Education Ministry)
  • IT Protection, Security, Auditing and Controls (Iraq Ministry of Employment)
  • Capacity Building Training of Federal Civil Service Retirees (Zambia Ministry of of Local Government and Housing)
  • Project Management Strategy and Fundamental Steps (Sierra Leone Ministry of Works)
  • Legislative Drafting Framework (Anambra State House of Assembly, Nigeria)
  • Global Project Finance (Rwanda Finance Ministry)
  • Training-of-Trainers (ToT): Emerging Tools For Professional Trainers (Iraq Ministry of Defense )
  • Workforce Development Training on IT Protection, Security, Auditing and Controls (South Africa Ministry of Education)
  • Anti corruption Models In Governance (Venezuela National Police Department)
  • Education Administrator Training: How to Turnaround Academic Failures (Pakistan Ministry of Education, Houston Independent School District, TX U.S.A., Afghanistan Ministry of Higher Education)
  • Conflict Resolution: Next Generation Techniques For Reducing Conflict in the Workplace (City of Galveston, TX U.S.A and Kuwait Ministry of Education)
  • Contract Management and Compliance Procedure (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency)
  • Entrepreneur Workforce Development (South African Ministry of Labour and Employment)
  • Beyond Retirement: Gateway to better life (Mexico Ministry of Defense)
  • Housing Ownership and Financing Options (Iraq Ministry of Housing, Youth and Sports Development).