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Scholarships & Donation


The Americas Empowerment Institute is dedicated to empowering capacity to foster economic development and upward mobility, while promoting and supporting strong governance and regulation excellence globally through raising the professional competence in both the public and private sectors in developing countries, so that leaders and stakeholders might find practical solutions to common problems in a manner that suits each nation’s own needs and strengthens the regulatory mechanism.

Donations made to the Americas Empowerment Institute allow us to expand our works and worldwide mission.  Donations are utilized to help subsidize and sponsor individuals from foreign governments, which have both the desire and commitment to raise the level of proficiency of its staff and therefore the effective governance of its people, but  simply do not have the necessary budgets to train every official who should be trained.

Monies received from donations are specifically restricted for academic scholarships.
AEMPIN provides tuition scholarships, partial and full, allowing those who may need assistance the most to benefit from our services. Scholarships are awarded based on need and donated funds available. To apply send an email to

AEMPIN is a registered 501 (c) 3 Not for Profit charitable organization. All donations are subject to tax deductible status. No goods or services were received in consideration of these gifts.


Send checks to the Americas Empowerment Institute, 9888 Bissonnet Street Suite 200, Houston, TX 77036, USA. Please write DONATION in your MEMO section. Please also remember to provide your correct return address so a receipt can be sent back to you promptly.

Please phone Accounting at +.1.281.818.9307