AEMPIN Questions, Guidelines and Answers

Q. What is the easiest and fastest method to register with AEMPIN

  1. Registering online is the easiest and fastest way. Please visit www.aempin.org for registration details. Once you have registered, an AEMPIN staff will contact you within 24 – 48 hours with your approval status. If you have not received an email or phone call within 48 hours please call our administration staff at 1-281-818-9307

Q. What is the earliest I can register?

  1. Early registration is always preferred here at AEMPIN; however, the ideal time frame for early registration is between 3 to 6 months. This will allow you the amount of time necessary to schedule VISA appointments, hotel reservations, flights reservations and other travel arrangements.  All early registrations will result in registration discount, please take advantage of it.

Q. When is it too late to register for courses at AEMPIN?

A. AEMPIN will allow the student to register within two weeks prior to the commencement of the training program. Payment must however still be paid before the student can enter the class. In order to participant in the late registration, you must have a VISA to the United States which is still valid due to the lengthy VISA process


Q. How long does it take for AEMPIN to approve or deny my application?

  1. You should receive an email containing all the necessary documents needed once approved or denied from a representative at AEMPIN within 24- 48 hours. If you have not received any feedback within the allotted time, please email your inquiry to admin@aempin.org or call 1-281-818-9307.

Q. Should I encourage my colleagues to register and attend courses at AEMPIN as well?

  1. Yes of course, AEMPIN will appreciate having you and your colleagues. Please direct them to visit us at www.aempin.org.
  2. Please speak to our Communication Manager about referral program

Q. Do I need a visa to attend AEMPIN training programs?

  1. If you are arriving from a foreign country, yes you will need a VISA to enter into the USA. If you already are an US Citizen, the VISA process will not be necessary.
  2. How are the hotels lodging and shuttle arrangements for the students coordinated?
  3. Once the participant has satisfied the tuition, AEMPIN will send a list of hotel from our preferred list. A staff member from AEMPIN will assist each participant in selecting the best hotel considering financial, location and comfort zone. AEMPIN suggest that each participant chooses a hotel from the preferred list due to several factors.


Q. Will AEMPIN make my travel arrangements to the USA?

  1. No. AEMPIN will not make travel arrangements from your country to America. Your travel plans should be handled by your organization, since AEMPIN does not cover your flight expenses. However, once your flight arrangements have been made, please send a copy of your flight details to a representative of AEMPIN at aempin.org so we can assist with your shuttle arrangements once you arrive in America.

Q. When should I arrive for the training program?

  1. Training starts on the first Monday of each week at 9: 00 AM. Students are responsible for getting to the designated lecture facility on the first day of class. AEMPIN will make arrangements for students to be picked up and dropped off for the remainder of the program.

Q. Will AEMPIN provide breakfast and lunch during my training program?

  1. All of the preferred hotels offer free breakfast.  AEMPIN will provide lunch, snacks and drinks for the participants during training.

Q. Can I schedule other professional appointments and personal meetings outside of the AEMPIN schedule while visiting for training?

  1. Yes, you can arrange any extracurricular activities, such as doctor’s visits, and meetings, as long as the activity does not interfere with training hours. You will be responsible for travels made to and from any meeting outside of AEMPIN.  Each participant must conclude 80% of training in order to receive full participation credit.

Q. If I decide to bring my family with me, what arrangements should I make?

  1. AEMPIN will not be responsible for your family members who are non-participants. Your family will not be allowed in the training sessions but can attend graduation ceremony/photo session.
  2. Your family will be allowed to attend road trips with AEMPIN; however each participant will be responsible for their family.

Q. Does AEMPIN provide the students with computers for training?

  1. No. AEMPIN does not provide computer for training purposes. You will need to bring your own personal computer if you feel it is necessary.

B. At the end of each session, AEMPIN will offer each participant a gift of a free cell phone or laptop

Q. Will I have Internet access during training?

  1. Yes, you will have access to the Internet during training hours.
  2. Your hotel will also have Wi-Fi service.

Q. Does AEMPIN provide transportation for site visits and study tours?

  1. Yes. AEMPIN will handle all travel arrangement required for site visits and study tours.

Q. Will I have opportunity to engage in site-seeing and other social events?

  1. Yes. AEMPIN will offer opportunities to attend social events and to create everlasting memories.

Q. Does AEMPIN assist student to open bank account in United States?

A. Yes

Q. Does AEMPIN assist students with health care?

A.Yes. AEMPIN does not provide health insurance but we have arrangement with clinics and doctors to provide our students with discounted quality health care.

Q. How can I enroll in the certification program?

A. Send an email to AEMPIN at training@aempin.org or fill the contact us form at https://aempin.org/certification/ and indicate your interested area.

Q. How many credit hours do I need to be certified

A. You need to complete 18 credit hours in the field of your interest

Q. Can I take certification or any AEMPIN course through correspondence?

A. Yes. Indicate your preference during registration

Q. How can AEMPIN host training in my organization or country?

A. AEMPIN hosts ten on-site and customized training annually. Just send an email to cbrown@aempin.org about your need.

and concerns please contact AEMPIN at 281-818-9307 or email us at training@aempin.org