041- Mini – MBA in Oil and Gas

Date: Mar 14 – 18 2022 | Jun 20 – 24, 2022 | Nov 7 – 11, 2022
Location: Houston, Texas USA
CEUs: 6.0

Course Overview

This courses is the core principles of a full-time MBA and leadership process designed to explore an indepth overview of the global oil and gas industry from business perspective. Participants will explore the Global oil and gas value chains and analyze the consequential topics such as global petro politics, advances in oil and gas technologies, risk management, interest of NOCs, financial requirements and performance, new organizational structures and relationships, leadership’s adaptation to changes, lean operation and global business and environment.

We will do this by bringing forth various emerging issues that impact the critical needs for managers and executives to understand its geopolitical, cultural and organizational complexities. Through utilization of presentations, group discussions, experimental exercises designed to engage participants and deepen their learning, we will explore value in today’s competitive oil and gas business environment.

Course Objective

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
• Comprehend the Aims of Oil and Gas Companies
• Understand the Global Oil and Gas Business Environments and Trends
• Creating a Comprehensive Technology and Service Management Plan
• Formulating and Leading Teams
• Establish Oil and Gas Business and Product Strategies that Create Ongoing Competitive Advantage
• Leveraging Organizational Structures, Operations and System to Achieve Business Objectives
• Create a Comprehensive Making and Sales Plan
• Create a Comprehensive Security Roadmap
• Developing and Implementing Strategic and Financial Decision in both Certainty and Uncertainty Conditions
• Applying Finance and Cost Accounting Strategies to Support Decision Making
• Managing People Effectively to Maximize Organizational Performance

Target Audience

• Industry Professionals who seek a greater understanding of the Oil and Gas Business from the Business Perspective
• Technical Professionals Making the Transition to Oil and Gas Management
• New Employees who would benefit from a well-rounded study of the Global Oil and Gas Industry
• Oil and Gas Employees or Workers Interested in Refining their Skills and Learn Best Practices
• All Professionals in Oil, Gas, and Energy Ministries

Course Objective

Module 1: The Global Oil and Gas Industry
• Global Oil and Gas Business and Technology environment and emerging trends
• Structural Characteristics of the Business in Oil and Gas Industry Economic, Commercial Technologies, Risk and Strategic Drivers of Oil and Gas
• Strategy, Positioning and Leadership

Module 2: Oil Companies, Corporate Relationship and Structures
• Operating Companies and Service Companies
• Local, National, and Multi- National Oil and Gas Companies
• Major International Oil Companies
• Integrated and non-integrated companies

Module 3: Access, Fiscal Regimes and Exploration
• Sustainability in Oil and Gas
• Operational Management
• Petroleum Geology
• Oil and Gas Exploration and Recovery
• Oil and Gas Project Development
• Transportation Options
• Safety, Environment and Decommissioning in Oil and Gas Industry
• Transportation and Processing

Module 4: Management Framework
• Project Management
• Innovation and Technology Management
• Asset and Risk Management

Module 5: Decisions under Certainty and Uncertainty
• Certainty: Risk and Crisis Uncertainty
• Uncertainty
• The Role of Probability
• Mathematical Modeling of Business Process
• Optimization of the Model and Interpretation of Results
• Management Decisions

Module 6: Buying and Sales
• Strategic Marketing
• Managerial Economics

Module 7: Managing Strategically
• Finance and Accounting Management
• Strategic Management

Module 8: International Players in Oil and Gas
• Organization of Petroleum Exporting Companies (OPEC)
• Other International and Multi-National Organizations
• International Energy Agency (IEA)
• Production Sharing
Experiential Exercise: Oil and Gas in Today’s World

Module 9: Oil and Gas Strategic Managerial Process
• Techniques of Strategic Manager and Leader
• Principles of Effective Change Agent in Organizations

Module 10: Developing a Leadership Toolkit for the Oil and Gas Industry
• The Strategic Toolkit and Developing Strategy
Experiential Exercise: Mini – MBA in Oil and Gas Project

Tuition: $5,000