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Board of Directors Retreats: Necessary But Fun!

Note: This is by invitation only. You can request us to host a retreat event for your board or we can invite your board for a retreat event. One board, one organization at a time. Discover why over 115 Board of Directors have chosen AEMPIN as their preferred retreat event host. The retreat is designed to provide 10 hours of continuing professional education for Board members.
In addition to highly rated retreat experience, participants receive free ipad, discounted hotel rate, local transportation, discounted health care, international phone card, CEUs certificate of completion and world class experience in Houston, Texas USA! For request, contact Dr. Brown


Every functional board needs some type of annual or even semi-annual retreat to be able to operate most effectively. Board retreats can be used to build morale, establish mission, vision, value, strategy statements, and to plan for the year and develop direction based on emerging trends and global best practices. Of course, underlying these reasons is the opportunity to cement personal commitments from each board member to the mission of your institution.

Each Board is unique and what works best for a Board retreat has to be customized. Today, especially for government organizations, the retreats are frequently shorter and they need to be focused to get the most out of them. AEMPIN Board retreat is a departure from ‘a group’ to ‘an effective team’ that pursues and achieves result. We focused on the four stages of building an effective team – forming, storming, norming and performing – will guarantee bonding together in the interest of the organization, in the interest of the beneficiary community that we serve, and in the overall interest of the country.


  • Understand the issues and trends of the organization
  • Understand the overarching statements of the organization and why the organization exists
  • Understand why innovation is important & how working board groups can drive specific changes
  • Create a list of questions to pose to the public to help guide the leadership
  • Provide a constructive plan to communicate to organizational team

Run properly, Board retreats are the most effective means of unleashing the power and expertise of trustees in the stable. Bring them along in the planning process, secure their commitments to implement strategies for achieving desired outcomes, and success will come to your organization.

Cost and Duration
3days = $3900; 5days =$5500; and 10days=$8500 per participant. It can be extended and available at any time of the year.

Site Visit: Very important aspect of retreat.

Target Audience
Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies Board of Trustees/Directors, Executive Committees, Board Secretaries and ex Officio Members of the Board.

This is an event that everyone finds truly rewarding and enjoyable. With a destination of NASA/Sea world/Government owned Board Meetings/Legislative/Commission Hearings, we encourage you to invite your family and/or friends and extend your stay through the weekend.
What is the date of your next board retreat? AEMPIN invited resource professionals are waiting to share their knowledge, wisdom and experiences with you at this retreat. The retreat is designed to provide 10 hours of continuing professional education for participants. For further information, please contact Dr. Cici Brown



Some Words from our Clients

“Helping us become all our mission calls us to be- and more.” – State Electricity Commission, China.

“Attending this Board retreat and learning the proper role of the Board in an organization and how critical the Board is to the long-term success of our organization has turn things around for good.” -Vocational Education and Training Awards Council (VETAC), United Arab Emirate.

“Hearing at Texas Senate in Austin was very impactful.” – Egypt Parliament.

“Brought dramatic results of alignment between our mission and our core competencies.” – ESKO Board, South Africa.

“Board retreat is surprisingly economical and affordable.” -Federal Public Service Commission, Parkistan.

“We hope that our relationship will continue beyond retreat. Our agnecy is flourishing now” – Energy Market Regulatory Authority, Turkey.

“Resource professionals and their collective guidance have had a major impact on the growth and success of telecommunications in the Kingdom of Bahrain over the past 8 years.” — Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain.

“As a result of Board retreat, the ECG has been able to grow astronomically in the past 7 years.” – Board of Trustees, African World Heritage Foundation, South Africa.