Nominations are now open for 2018 Global Empowerment Award!

Nominations are now open for 2018 Global Empowerment Award!

Nominations are now open for 2018 Global Empowerment Award!

The Global Empowerment Award, given by the Americas Empowerment Institute (AEMPIN), honors outstanding individuals, government officials, agencies, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives who have positively impacted the economic growth of their countries. While no one person in an organization can be credited with the achievement of empowerment, this award will recognize and set forth role-model leader behaviors that have inspired, encouraged, challenged, and empowered others to achieve empowerment excellence.

The Americas Empowerment Institute created the Global Empowerment award in 2008, to honor a role model leader who had inspired, encouraged, challenged and empowered others to achieve empowerment excellence that positively impacts the economic growth of their countries. Past winners personified the AEMPIN Core Values and Leadership Behaviors: Visionary leadership, customer-focused excellence, valuing people, organizational learning and agility, focusing on cusses, managing for innovation, management by fact, societal responsibility, ethics and transparency, delivering value and results and a systems perspective that leads to empowerment. They include individuals, government officials, entrepreneurs, agencies, and corporate executives.

Nomination Letters:
Nominations should include the following: Nomination letters should not exceed 500 words and include the nominee’s name, title, phone number and office address. Letters should also: (A) Provide a detailed description of the nominee’s work. (B) Summarize the candidate’s empowerment accomplishments and explain succinctly in what ways the nominee’s contributions are exceptional.

Nominations must be emailed to Organizing Committee at on or before Friday, August 17, 2018. Nominations will be evaluated by a committee of distinguished faculty appointed by the President.

The award is presented each year at the Americas Empowerment Institutes’ Empowerment Dinner held October 6, 2018, at the Hilton Americas Hotel, 1600 Lamar, downtown Houston, Texas, USA.

Award recipients share how they lead their organizations, inspire their people to achieve high performance and become counselors for empowerment throughout the global community.

For additional information or inquiries, please contact me at the email or phone number below. We look forward to hearing from you.
Prof. Wythel Price
Chairperson, Organization Committee
Phone 1.281.687.3165