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These classes are informative and interesting. Here is what some of our recent students had to say:

“I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to this class, but you made it fun and I learned a lot.”

– George from Katy

“When I was in Driver’s Ed, they talked about the dangers of drinking and driving, but there was so much they didn’t tell us. I learned so much more in this class.”

– – Hernandez from Southwest Houston

“Thought you might like to know that Benjamin spoke highly of your program. He was glad he went and said that everyone should have to take it. You’re doing a good thing!”

– Thanks, “the spouse” E-mail from a caring wife-Galveston

“I learned so much that I probably never would have learned otherwise. I was involved in SADD in school and helped my mom with MADD events but so much of the information you taught, and the stories really touched me. I have taken my notes that were taken in class and shared them with my husband and family. I just really wanted to let you know I enjoyed your teaching method and attitude towards all of us, it has inspired me.”

– Brad from Missouri City

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