05 – Global Regulatory Governance & Independence

Location & Date : Houston, Texas USA. Jun 5 – 9, Nov 6-10 | Paris, France. Sep 4-8
CEUs: 6.0

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Course Overview

This course is designed as the regulatory framework, the regulatory governance and independence of the institution, as key elements for effective regulation. Today,regulators and policymakers face multiple challenges: they must address the traditional aspects ofinformation and communication technologies (ICTs) and assess their appropriate roles in addressing the regulatory and policy issues arising from new digital technologies and services. This course focuses on how to achieve regulatory governance and independence of regulatory agencies.

Course Objective

• The objective of this course is to enable regulators comprehend in addition to more traditional issues, such as connectivity and infrastructure development, the digital environment prompts consideration of a broader range of sectors beyond ICTs, such as health, finance, education, transportation, and energy.
• Understand the issues of content regulation, privacy, consumer protection, competition, and artificial intelligence (AI), among others.
• Fully grasp of depending on their competencies and capacity, traditional ICT regulators may be less familiar with these topics, have limited resources to address them, or lack clear authority to cover them or coordinate with other entities on these issues under their current mandates.

Course Outline

• • Overview of Regulator Structure and Mandate
• Decision-making and enforcement in a multistakeholder environment
• Innovative approaches to sector regulations
• Collaborative approaches to policy implementation for digital transformation
• Regulatory independence: how to achieve it and how to maintain it
• Cross-boarder collaboration in digital environment
• GSR best practices guidelines on the gold standard digital regulation (2020 and more)
• GRS BPG on regulatory uplift for financing digital

Target Audience

This course is for Relevant Staff, Principal Managers, Senior Managers, Assistant Directors, Deputy Directors, and Director

Tuition: $4,000