023 – Effective Project Management in Telecommunications

Date: May 16 – 20, 2022 | Sept 5 – 9, 2022
Location: Houston, Texas USA
CEUs: 6.0

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Course Overview

Telecommunications has become an essential part of the economy in developing countries and telecom management must confront growing challenges and be prepared to provide solutions. Effective telecommunications managers need a combination of sales, service, technical expertise, project management, human resource management, and general administrative skills in order to direct business units. This course will address the issues and challenges involved in managing telecommunications services, delivering and maintaining the highest quality of service, and understanding the roles and responsibilities of the project manager who may oversee a team and have both revenue protection and financial responsibilities. Participants are provided the knowledge and skills needed to identify and measure key performance indicators, recognize operational efficiencies and improvements needed, and use critical thinking for strategic planning and decision making for successful project completion.

Our goal is to provide participants with the learning tools and mechanisms needed to utilize emerging technologies to improve project team productivity and ensure the reliability, availability and sustainability of the organization, as well as contain cost while delivering increasingly more complex services. We will do this by bringing forth various issues that impact planning, implementation, and monitoring of project teams and workplace operations while coaching participants on the development of both strategic and tactical methods through utilization of case studies and experiential exercises designed to promote problem solving and goal achievement.

Target Audience

The course is intended for project managers, telecommunications managers, project team leads and other key administrators, directors, commissioners, and board members looking to increase their personal and professional success by gaining an excellent understanding of global telecommunications project management.

Course Outline

MODULE 1: The Telecom Management Model
• People, Process and Technology Metrics
• Roles and Responsibilities
• Management, Leadership and Followership
• Telecom Management Best Practices
Experiential Exercise: Leadership vs. Management

MODULE 2: Critical Success Factors of Project Management
• The Fundamentals of Project Management
• The Project Planning Process
• The Project Life Cycle
• Balancing Project Constraints
• Managing Risk and Change

MODULE 3: Information Technology Project Management
• Recent Trends Effecting IT Project Management
• Scope Aspects of IT Projects
• Common Sources of Risks on Information Technology (IT) Projects
• How Organizations develop IT Project Management Methodologies to meet their needs
• Agile Project Management and SCROM

MODULE 4: Managing the Project Team
• Responsibilities of the Project Manager
• Developing Project Manager Competencies
• Approaches to Effective Delegation
• Acquiring and Assigning a PM Team
• Effective Project Teams and Barriers to Effectiveness
• Team Building and Problem Solving
Experiential Exercise: Project Management Assessment Quizzes

MODULE 4: Project Communication and Documentation
• Techniques for Enhancing Verbal and Written Communication
• Four Barriers to Effective Listening
• Facilitating Effective Project Meetings
• Preparing Useful, Understandable and Informative Reports and Presentations
• Creating a Project Communication Plan

MODULE 6: Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
• Leading Constructive and Productive Meetings
• The Decision-Making Process
• Risk Assessment and Crisis Management
• The Accountability Factor
• Understanding and Complying with Regulation
Assessment: Decision Making Styles

Tuition: $4,000