027 – Advanced Public Procurement Concepts, Contracts, and Practices

Date: Houston, TX USA: Nov 13-17, Istanbul, Turkey: Nov 13-17
CEUs: 6.0

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Course Overview

This course is designed to enable participants to gain an in-depth analysis of well-designed procurement systems that employ principles of economy, efficiency, transparency and accountability to improve social and economic development. The course covers topics such as advanced procurement planning and strategy development, communication and negotiation development skills required by those involved in advanced level procurement, and effective management of contract negotiation, development and administration. Through use of knowledge management and theory and practice we will ensure understanding of the procurement process in the public sector from an international perspective with focus on contract and supplier management, risk management, performance and quality management and best practices when dealing with suppliers.

Our goal is to equip managers, administrators, and decision-makers with the skills to design and implement strategic initiatives ensuring they position and resource their procurement activity for optimal success. We will do this by bringing forth various issues that provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of key aspects such as developing corporate procurement objectives, understanding the procurement portfolio, and how to manage and align procurement systems, capabilities, and administrative processes with strategic goals. The objective of this course is to enable government professionals to understand the methods and strategic aspects of the procurement procedure when managing large infrastructure projects including negotiation, risk analysis, contract administration and procurement scheduling and planning.

Target Audience

Managers, Sr. Level Managers, Directors, and Key Staff in Regulation Management; Managers of Regulatory Agencies and Commissions; Executives and Policy Makers in Human Resources and Capital Management; Directors and Managers of Training and Development in Regulation Management; Directors and Managers of Strategic Planning and Contract Management

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Current Issues and Trends in Public Procurement
• Recent Developments in Public Procurement (paperless procurement and e-bidding)
• Due Diligence in the Tendering Cycle
• How to Develop an Effective Early Warning System
• Update on Critical Cases, Trade Treaties and Model Laws

MODULE 2: The Principles of Procurement Strategy Development
• Aligning Procurement Functions with Strategic Objectives
• Issues to be Considered when Developing a Procurement Strategy
• Aligning Systems, Capabilities, and Administrative Processes with Strategic Objectives
• Strategies for Managing Routine, Volume, and Critical Procurement Categories
• How Long Term Supply Agreements can Support Category Based Strategies
Experiential Exercise: What is the Right Procurement Strategy?

MODULE 3: Risk Management in Contracting for Services
• Essential Risk Assessment and Risk Management Methods
• Conducting Spend Analysis, Supply Risk Assessments, and Market Analysis
• Acceptable Cost Planning including Contingencies
• Identification of the Project Outcomes
• Prequalification process and Contract selection

MODULE 4: Contract and Supplier Relationship Management
• Forming Relationships with Suppliers
• Best Practices when dealing with Suppliers
• How to Benefit from Supplier Relationships
• How to Manage and Communicate with Bidders and Suppliers

MODULE 5: Change Management and Effective Negotiations in Projects and Procurement
• Defining Negotiation and Negotiation Skills
• Characteristics of the Negotiation Cycle
• Developing a Negotiation Strategy
• Assessing and Understanding your Negotiation Skills
• The Different Stages and Types of Negotiation
• Closing of Negotiations and Preparing the Agreement for Implementation

MODULE 6: Performance and Project Management
• Establishing Project Teams to Manage Contract Administration
• Project Team Roles and Responsibilities
• Project Engagement Expectations
• Defining Value Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
• Measuring Performance, Outcomes and Results
• Models for Value Analysis and Types of Performance Reports
Case Study: Fighting Corruption and Promoting Integrity in Public Procurement

Tuition: $4,000