026 – Advanced Strategic Management, Leadership, and Risk Assessment Strategies

Location & Date: Amsterdam, Netherland. Aug 14-18 | Paris, France. Sep 11-15 | Dubai, UAE. Oct 9-13
CEUs: 6.0

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Course Overview

This course is an advanced review of the theory and practice of global management, leadership and risk assessment designed to provide professionals with a more comprehensive examination of the critical competencies needed to execute business strategies effectively and manage risk. Our goal is to ensure that participants will be able to establish clear value metrics, embrace risk and uncertainty, lead through crisis and change, and enhance their ability to make effective critical decisions that result in cost, time, and resource savings that will benefit the organization.

We will do this through a combination of lectures, presentations, and experiential exercises designed to increase understanding of the needs and challenges that impact the global business environment and their effect on the organizations’ operations and culture, while placing emphasis on the leadership competencies needed to successfully achieve business objectives and strategic goals. By learning methods and tactics for analysis, implementation and monitoring of risk controls, as well as techniques for financial risk management that minimize exposure and loss, participants will be able to lead the way in classifying and measuring the organization’s level of risk while driving positive results and strengthening value.

Target Audience

The course is intended for senior managers, directors, field managers, administrative managers, commissioners, board members and other key administrators and industry professionals in the public and private sectors.

Course Outline

MODULE 1: International Management: Strategy and Culture in the Emerging World
• New Views on International Leadership
• The Increased Importance of International Management
• Connecting Leadership and Culture
• Managing Diversification and Corporate Level Strategy
• Managing the Challenges of Mergers and Acquisitions

MODULE 2: Leading Organizational Culture and Achieving Organizational Control
• The Elements, Types and Foundations of Organizational Culture
• Managing the Process of Change for Cultural Diversity and Inclusion
• Sources and Types of Organizational Control
• The Corrective Control Model
• Managing Operational Controls and Internal/External Control Mechanisms
Experiential Exercise: Understanding Your Leadership Style

MODULE 3: Guiding Organizational Change and Innovation
• Strategic Influence in a Changing Innovative Organization
• Key Messages for Leaders and Leading Change
• Assessing and Analyzing the Innovative Environment
• Promoting Change and Introducing Innovation
• Golden Rules for Nurturing Creativity
Assessment: Self-Assessment of Change Agent Competencies

MODULE 4: Strategic Crisis Leadership
• Key Principles for Effective Crisis Leadership
• Establishing Competencies and Essential Leadership Skill Set
• The Crisis Leadership Competency Model
• The Leader’s Role in a Crisis
• Competency Assessment and Talent Management

MODULE 5: Risk Impact, Mitigation and Management
• Risk Identification and Characterization
• Risk Projection: Components and Drivers
• Assessing Impact and Developing a Risk Table
• The Seven Principles of Risk Management
• Monitoring, Evaluation and Contingency Planning

MODULE 6: Financial Risk Management: Techniques and Applications
• The Risk Management Structure and Value at Risk (VAR)
• The Benefits of Financial Risk Management
• Managing Market and Credit Risk
• Other Types of Risk that Affect Value At Risk (VAR)
• Legal and Regulatory Issues Impacting Financial Risk Management
Case Study: Strategic Financial Risk Management Exercise

Tuition: $4,000