026 – Human Capital Management Challenges and Corporate Sustainability Techniques

Location & Date: Houston, Texas USA. Jul 17-21 | Houston, TX USA. Sep 18-22 | Houston, Texas USA. Dec 4-8
CEUs: 6.0

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Course Overview

Each major topic is first addressed by analyzing a case study, and assessing the strength of a specific talent practice (i.e. engagement, succession, retention, etc.) From the case study experience, groups then consider a series of application-based questions they are likely to encounter, and must address in the workplace. Participants discuss and debate the issues, and share strategies for effectively addressing them.
Following these two experiential sessions, a presentation of 15 to 20 minutes is delivered for each topic. Because the group sessions have dealt with many of the core aspects of the particular talent practice, this module offers a concise focus on new views and next practices.

This course contains practical tools and job aids to help you implement what you’ve learned as soon as you arrive back at the office. These resources will reinforce the principles learned, help leverage your time and simplify the process of integrating new talent management practices.

Target Audience

Human Capital Directors, Human Capital Managers, Human Resources Managers, Training Managers, Knowledge Managers, Recruitment & Development Managers, Department Managers, Project Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Human Resources Management Consultants. Directors of Human Resources, Directors and Managers of Talent Acquisition and Recruitment, Directors and Managers of Organizational Development, Directors and Managers of Education and Learning, Directors and Managers of Strategy and Workforce Planning, Business Line Managers and Executives, Search, Consulting and Solutions Business Partners and Future leaders in the disciplines of HR, OD or the Line.

Course Outline

• Talent life cycle model and definition
• Talent management in turbulent times
• The industrial, knowledge and talent ages
• The Value of Talent Management

The Value of Talent Management
• Intangibles
• Human capital value chain
• Research on talent management ROI
• Business drivers for talent management
• Activity: Assessing 20 talent practices

Workforce Planning
• Workforce planning process and best practices
• Strategic, key and core roles
• Talent supply and demand
• The 6Bs to close skill gaps
• Activity: Case study part 1

Talent Acquisition
• Strategic talent acquisition
• Activity: Career centers
• Employment branding
• Data-driven sourcing
• On-boarding

Developing and Deploying Talent
• 70/20/10 developmental model
• Social network analysis
• Passionate deployment
• Deployment options
• Activity: Case study part 2

Engaging and Retaining Talent
• Engagement definitions and models
• Monetizing the value of engagement
• The manager’s role
• Talent retention strategies
• Activity: Case study part 3

Leading and Managing Talent
• Succession planning
• Readiness
• The vitality matrix of performance and potential
• The paradox of promotion
• The manager as talent leader
• Activity: WHI succession exercise

Integrated Talent Management
• The value of integrated talent practices
• Touch points and connections across the lifecycle
• Competencies as touch points
• Pivotal positions as touch points

The Role of HR
• The changing role of HR
• The 4Ps
• New competencies and roles
• Ten ways for HR to make a difference
• Metrics

Tuition: $4,000