034 – Managing and Leading Strategic Communication

Location & Date:  Houston, Texas USA. Aug 7-11 | Houston, Texas USA. Nov 20-24
CEUs: 6.0

Registration Discount: $3,900 – You must Register 60 days in advance and payment must be Paid In Full 30 days prior to the start of class.

Course Overview

Strong communication contributes to bringing stakeholders closer to their leaders. It encourages transparency, increases the feeling of ownership and improves organization credibility. Leading strategic communication ensure stakeholders understand the vision of the future and can motivate behaviors that lead to a successful transformation of the organization. This seminar introduces the tools and techniques that enhance internal and external communication and ensure the efficient implementation of change management. It explores solutions to the communication challenges organizations currently face. 

Course Objectives

Understand the role of public relations and communication for public and private organizations.

Develop the necessary skills to formulate a communication strategy for specific groups.

Master the tools that will make it possible to conceptualize, execute and monitor a communication plan. 

Target Audience: Coordinators, Managers, Directors, CEOs, Communication Officers, Team Leaders and Supervisors. This seminar is appropriate for business professionals at all levels of experience who would like to be more effective in leading strategic communication. 

Course Outlines

  • Strategies and Communication PlanContext, analysis, objectives and targeted audience: identification of objectives and target audience, assessment of the socio-economic, political and administrative context, stakeholders analysis. Simulation and case study. Communication and its Management ToolsHow and where to insert communication in a project or public intervention. Communicate what, to whom and how? Selecting spokespersons and choosing channels. Designing a communication plan: best practices and management tools.Internal CommunicationInternal communication and organization’s performance. Types of internal communication. Transparent, internal processes and communication flows. Internal communication audit. External CommunicationTools and promotional items of visibility and transparency. Global and specific effects on targeted audience: press releases, press conference, advertisement, message, corporate image. Speech and Mass Media

    Improve rhetoric, writing and speech presentation skills. Preparation for public and media interventions (preparation to answer press questions) stress management, non-verbal communication, handling media under pressure.

Tuition: $4,000