014 – Strategic Thinking, Planning and Risk Management in the Public Sector

Location & Date: Houston, Texas USA. Jun 5-9 | Paris, France. Sep 11-15
CEUs: 6.0

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Course Overview

This course is designed to explore the concept of strategic thinking, planning and business decision-making and the tools, mechanisms and best practices that assist in developing sound risk management strategies. The primary focus is on how strategic thinking and planning defines the vision of where you want to be and determines the path to get you there using a risk assessment process designed to control and direct the organization’s operations so that the mission and objectives are fulfilled.

Our goal is to provide a highly interactive and integrative professional development environment where participants discuss and address challenges faced by senior executives, boards of directors, and managers and study methods to enhance critical thinking, decision making, developing, deploying, monitoring and continuously improving corporate strategies and processes. We will do this by bringing forth various issues that impact strategy planning, long-term value creation, overseeing risk management, and responding to business sustainability concerns. Through utilization of presentations, group discussions and experiential exercises designed to engage leaders and deepen their learning, we will explore different ways of designing strategy and managing risk that will focus resources on the activities that create strong value and competitive advantages.

Target Audience

Directors and Managers of Strategic Planning, Sr. Level Managers and Key Staff in Risk Management; Boards of Directors; Executives and Policy Makers; Industry leaders in the public and private sectors, consumer groups and government agencies.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
• Understand and utilize techniques and best practices for managing strategy
• Illustrate how to evaluate strategic opportunities and prepare strategic plans for implementation
• Assess the impact of risk and prepare a risk assessment strategy to use in their real world work environment
• Utilize techniques for monitoring, evaluating risk and documenting deficiencies
• Identify challenges in leadership and management and apply decision-making techniques
• Conduct proactive crisis management planning to manage conflict

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Strategic Planning and Achieving Strategic Control
• The Strategic Management Process
• Techniques and Best Practices for Managing Strategy
• Strategic Planning: Challenges and Implications
• Uncovering and Evaluating Strategic Opportunities
• Managerial Competence and Business Literacy
Experiential Exercise: Strategic Thinking – What Comes to Mind?

MODULE 2: The Stages of Strategy Development
• Strategic thinking, strategic decision making, strategic planning
• Tools to Anticipate Change
• Linking Foresight to Strategy Development
• The Contingency Planning Paradigm
• Characteristics of Effective Reward and Evaluation Systems

MODULE 3: Assessing and Managing Risk in Organizations
• Principles of Effective Risk Management in Organizations
• Risk Identification and Characterization
• Setting Objectives to Manage Internal and External Risk
• The Seven Principles of Risk Management
• Inherent and Residual Risk

MODULE 4: Risk Management, Monitoring and Control
• The Four Categories of Risk Response
• Types and Levels of Risk Control Activities
• Risk Projection and Probabilities
• Assessing Impact and Developing a Risk Table
• Monitoring and Evaluation and Contingency Planning

MODULE 5: Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management
• The 7 Steps of Effective Conflict Resolution
• The Assertion Model and Strategies for Conflict Resolution
• Crisis Management Objectives
• The Crisis Life Cycle
• The Elements of Crisis Management
• Proactive Crisis Planning
Case Study: An Exercise in Risk Management

Tuition: $4,000