021 – Regulatory Challenges of Value Added Service

Location & Date: Houston, Texas USA. May 1 – 5 | Houston, Texas USA. Aug 7-11 | Houston, Texas USA. Sep 4-8
Location: Houston, Texas USA
CEUs: 6.0

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Course Overview

The proliferation of smart phones and 3G networks have provided an impetus for the uptake of data applications. With decreasing cost of Smart phones uptake of data applications and in particular Value added services is poised to grow even further. There is no doubt that Value added services have become an important revenue source to the telecom industry as demand for innovative solutions continues to grow for consumers.

All these innovations would not be possible without an enabling policy environment that will see the rollout of more services and fair practices from the operators.
This course is designed to help the participants explore the challenges and opportunities that VAS present and explore best practice in their regulation.

Course Objective

The workshop will be highly interactive with presentations and case studies of international best practice designed to:
• Explore the current developments in the VAS space
• To share experiences on VAS deployments and regulation among participants organizations
• To identify the challenges and opportunities in VAS regulation
• Identify best practice in VAS

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:
• Explain the challenges and opportunities associated with VAS and their regulation
• Plan, implement and lead in the regulation of VAS in their respective areas
• Come up with recommendations for effective regulation of VAS

Target audience

This course is designed for officials who are involved with VAS from Regulatory, Provision and User perspectives, namely: Regulatory Staff, VAS Providers, Network Providers, Policy Makers, Telecoms/IT engineers, Legal Staff, Telecommunication/ICT Center Training Managers, Business Development Executives and Consumers of VAS

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction
• Overview of telecom sector market segments
• Definition, overview and categories of value added services (VAS)
• Opportunities in VAS regulation

Module 2: Overview of Telecommunication services regulation
• Regulatory approaches
• Factors that influence regulatory approaches
• Evolution of VAS

Module 3: Regulatory challenges in VAS
• Current practices of VAS regulation
• Continuous innovation by entrepreneurs
• Inadequate regulatory mechanisms

Module 4: Participant’s presentation of their experiences with VAS
• VAS provider perspective
• Legal perspective
• Regulator perspective
• User perspective

Additionally, students will be engaged in the following:
• Selected case studies discussions
• Recommendations on effective regulation of VAS
• Site Visit
• Action Planning for Success

Tuition: $4,000