006 – Global Best Practices in Managerial and Leadership Excellence

Location & Date: Houston, Texas USA. Mar 6 – 10, Mar 27-31, Apr 24 – 28 | Paris, France. Jul 10-14
CEUs: 6.0

Registration Discount: $3,900 – You must Register 60 days in advance and payment must be Paid In Full 30 days prior to the start of class.

Course Overview

The workplace is rapidly changing around you and you are expected to understand what this change means to your business and the bottom line. With this change, comes unexpected organizational challenges; your workforce is more diverse than ever, your budget is slim, your projects are growing and those difficult conversations are inevitable.

AEI’s Managerial Excellence Course will give you the self-assurance and skills you need to ethically face and overcome the difficult obstacles ahead. You will learn to create structure and while others are struggling, you will realize the importance of self-awareness and enhanced communication to deliver the right message and inspire action.

Target Audience:

Permanent Secretary, Administrator, Senior Manager, Director, Team leader, Engineer, Analyst

Course Outline:

Managing a Diverse Workforce
• Understand why diversity is important for business success
• Discover how the impact of stereotypes act as obstacles for organizational and personal effectiveness
• Understand the work ethics of different generations
• Learn to identify, analyze and address diversity-related dilemmas and conflicts within the workplace

Employment Law from Hiring to Firing
• Learn proven tips for recruiting top-notch employees
• Recognize the do’s and don’ts for effective interviewing
• Discover how to help new employees hit the ground running
• Understand how to fire legally, ethically and fairly

Powerful Presentations
• Learn how to structure your message for maximum impact
• Understand the difference between practice and rehearsal
• Plan for the most effective presentation support and set-up
• Overcome stage fright: appearance and attitude check-up
• Discover the secrets to connecting with your audience
• Learn how to handle questions and overcome objections

Difficult Conversations
• Learn how to manage anxiety and nervousness when having a difficult conversation
• Discover tips to reduce the time it takes to prepare and deliver bad news
• Practice using language that conveys empathy, concern and respect
• Learn how to use vocal tone and body language to match your message
• Gain the skills needed to generate cooperation while coaching staff members to change behavior

Leading Through Ethics
• Understand the true meaning of ethics
• Discover the value of ethical behavior in business
• Recognize how your goals, values and character influence your employees’ behavior
• Learn how to promote ethical behavior in your organization

Understanding Budgets and Forecasts
• Understand the purpose and use of a budget
• Understand the steps in the budgeting process
• Put together a revenue and cost budget
• Make sense out of budget vs. actual reports
• Set monthly targets and prepare for contingencies
• Get your budget approved

Thriving with Workplace Change
• Learn why change management is required
• Get comfortable with the inevitable, yet predictable cycle of change and the key change elements
• Discuss the variety of human reactions to change
• Identify the sense of loss that must be acknowledged and compensated for
• Look inwardly to help move yourself through change when needed

Making Meetings Work
• Plan and execute more effective meetings
• Gain the skills needed to be sure that people fulfill key meeting roles
• Manage your meeting topics, timing, and goals
• Discover how to keep meetings and discussions on track and focused
• Understand meeting dynamics
• Learn to effectively handle “difficult” people in meetings

Managing Workplace Projects
• Understand how to charter a team
• Learn to develop a project work plan
• Gain the skills to measure and report project progress
• Discover how to implement recommended changes

Mediating and Negotiating for Results
• Discover how to manage conflict and resolve disputes
• Learn the basics of negotiating and the most effective negotiating strategies
• Identify the principles of mediation and learn how to stay neutral
• Practice using mediation and negotiation techniques in a variety of dispute situations

Tuition: $4,000