035 – International Best Practices in Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluations

Location & Date: Istanbul, Turkey. Nov 13-17
CEUs: 6.0

Registration Discount: $3,900 – You must Register 60 days in advance and payment must be Paid In Full 30 days prior to the start of class.

Course Overview

The objective of International Best Practices in Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation is to equip development practitioners with the knowledge and expertise to be able to conduct their own planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting or to be able to guide project partners in doing so. A key objective is to increase the capacity of the development sector to deliver project outcomes that are efficient and effective, and to be able to measure and evaluate these outcomes. The course will provide a space for development practitioners to learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences.
Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the participants will have:
• An improved workable understanding of the key concepts in planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting
• An appreciation of the purpose and benefits of planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting
• An understanding of the importance of integrating monitoring, evaluating and reporting into project planning, and an understanding of where they fit into the project cycle
• Knowledge of how to plan a project using the Logical Framework Approach
• Knowledge of how to develop a result-based monitoring and evaluation framework
• Knowledge of the different stages of evaluation
• An improved understanding of the different types of evaluation
• A basic knowledge of data collection and analysis techniques, and their relationship to the different types of evaluation
Participants will also be able to:
• Develop targets against which performance is measured
• Monitor their projects and the achievement of objectives
• Identify and develop “SMART” objectives and “DVARP” indicators
• Do a stakeholder analysis, objectives analysis, alternatives analysis, problem analysis
• Select an appropriate framework for conducting an evaluation
• Identify appropriate qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques
• Construct a term of reference and an evaluation report
Participants will leave the course with:

Knowledge and skills on how to plan a development project, using the Logical Framework Approach, and how to design an M&E plan.

Tuition: $4,000