019 – Mastering People Management and Team Leadership

Location & Date: Amsterdam, Netherland. Jun 5 – 9 | London, UK. Jun 26-30 | Amsterdam, Netherland. Aug 7-11 | Dubai, UAE. Oct 9-13 | Houston, Texas USA. Nov 20-24
CEUs: 6.0

Registration Discount: $3,900 – You must Register 60 days in advance and payment must be Paid In Full 30 days prior to the start of class.

Course Overview

This course is designed for Line Managers or Team Leaders to understand the rapidly changing workplace around them and what this change means to business and the bottom line. With this change, comes unexpected organizational challenges, your workforce is more diverse than ever, your budget is slim, your team projects are growing and those difficult conversations are inevitable.

Mastering People Management and Team leadership course will give you the self-assurance and skills you need to ethically face and overcome the difficult obstacles ahead. You will learn to create team structure and while others are struggling, you will realize the importance of self-awareness and enhanced communication to deliver the right message and inspire action.

Through utilization of presentations, group discussion and experiential exercises designed to engage leaders and deepen their learning, we will explore different ways of designing mastering leadership and management that create strong values and competitive advantages.

Course Objective

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
• Understand various expert issues that impact Team Leadership and People Management in the 21st century
• Understand your role as leader and manager for your team
• To build a winning team
• Establish roles and leverage the capacities of team members
• Create clear objectives and standards of performance for your team
• Utilize effective prioritization and delegation techniques to manage workload
• Develop Managerial excellence and build leadership teams

Target Audience

This course is intended for Team Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, and Aspiring Leaders, Professionals with new role or responsibility and other professionals without training in this area

Course Outline

Module 1: Knowing Your Role
• Manager or Leader?
• Perception Factor of Yourself
• Organizational requirements and demands
• Accommodating divergent stakeholders demand
• Knowing the Nature of Change
• Implementing Change Model

Module 2: Capacity Effectiveness, Delegation and Time Management
• Knowing yourself and your organizational ethics
• Orientation Outcome
• Developing personal and team goals
• Performance Management
• Principles of delegating
• Target Point : Time Prioritization

Module 3: Managing Workplace Team Projects
• Understanding how to Charter a Team
• Learn to develop a team work plan
• Gain the skills to measure and report project progress
• Discover how to implement recommended changes

Module 4: Powerful Presentation
• Learn how to Structure your message for maximum impact
• Understand the difference between practice and rehearsal
• Overcome stage fright: Appearance and Attitude check-up
• Plan for the most effective presentation support and check-up
• Discover the secret to connecting with your team members
• Learn how to handle questions and overcome objectives

Module 5: Difficult Conversations
• Learn how to manage anxiety and nervousness while having a difficult conversation
• Discover tips to reduce the time it takes to prepare and deliver bad news
• Practice using language that conveys empathy, concern, and respect
• Learn how to use vocal tone and body language to match your message
• Gain the skills to generate cooperation while coaching team members to change behavior

Module 6: Team Building, People Management, and Motivation
• Working of high performance teams
• Assigning of team roles or responsibilities
• Team building practice and exercise
• Motivation and reward factor
• Creating and Sharing a vision
• Divergent of leader styles

Module 7: Achieving Team Performance through Coaching and Enhancement
• Ways people learn
• Coaching for personal and team growth
• Skills Feedback
• Development Planning

Module 8: Mediation and Negotiation for Results
• Discover how to manage conflict and resolve disputes
• Learn the logistic of negotiating and the most effective negotiating strategies
• Identity the principles of mediation and learn how to stay neutral
• Practice using mediation and negotiation techniques in a variety of dispute situations

Tuition: $4,000