01 – Data Protection and Trust

Date:Houston, TX USA: Mar 13-17, Apr 10-14, Dubai, UAE: May 22-26
Location: Houston, Texas USA
CEUs: 6.0

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Course Overview

Data are sometimes described as the “oil of the digital economy” while their use in the digital economy is sometimes referred to as “surveillance capitalism.” While the former has relatively benign connotations, the latter directly provokes concerns about the use of personal data. This course focuses on regulatory aspects of data with an emphasis on personal data.

Course Objective

• The objective of this course is to examines the nature of data protection regimes, focusing particularly on its regulatory aspects – a feature that results in interesting similarities with the telecommunication sector.
• It examines the extent to which emerging technology and services should, and could, be impacted, as well as the controls over the cross-border flow of personal data and the resultant trade implications.
• Data protection and privacy concerns particularly overlap when considering the need for special rules to govern our communication activities.
• The complex intersection between data protection and information security is also examined.
• Finally, some key considerations for regulators are offered.

Target Audience

Directors, Policymakers, Commissioners, Politicians, Chief Executives, Senior Administrators and Leaders in the public sector, Managers and coordinators responsible for monitoring performance and other key stakeholders

Course Outline

• Data Protection Regimes
• Regulatory Authorities
• Technologies and Services
• Transfers and trade implications
• Communications Policies
• Data Protection and information Security
• The ITU Guidelines on Child Online Protection
• Enhancing the Protection and Cyber-Resilience of Critical information infrastructure

Target Audience

This course is for Relevant Staff, Principal Managers, Senior Managers, Assistant Directors, Deputy Directors, and Director

Tuition: $4,000