022 – Next Generation Challenges and Opportunities for Telecom Regulators

Location & Date:  Amsterdam, Netherland. Aug 7-11 | Paris, France. Sep 11-15
CEUs: 6.0

Registration Discount: $3,900 – You must Register 60 days in advance and payment must be Paid In Full 30 days prior to the start of class.

Course Overview

This training program was designed to assist participants in understanding the Next Generational Challenges & Opportunities for Telecoms Regulators. It dwells in organizational as well as skills plans required by regulators to grow and prosper in the global telecommunications environment.

On completion of the program, participants will have a very good understanding of telecommunications challenges and opportunities and an appreciation of what their organization needs to do to ensure success in their regulatory outcome.

This program will provide appropriate strategies, methods, guidelines and tools to design a global approach, a planned step-by-step methodology and action plans for telecommunication regulatory organizations seeking to effect a change in corporate culture and management approach.

Course Objective

• Provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities in telecommunications regulatory environment and its impacts on the business of existing operators
• Identify the key success factors for ensuring profitability and growth of operators in the competitive telecommunications environment
• Design a global approach and a planned step-by-step methodology for organizations requiring a change in corporate culture and managerial approach
• Provide effective methods and strategies to develop a corporate culture that will be better adapted to the competitive environment, including Human Resources, training and communications programs that are based on the company’s business vision, plan, challenges and objectives
• Raise the awareness of officers of their role and responsibilities in periods of transformation and change
• Develop the attitudes and behaviors needed to cope with business challenges and organizational changes

Target Audience

• Telecommunications directors, managers and personnel responsible for personnel responsible for human resources, organizational development, change management, corporate culture and internal communications
• Managers and officers looking to complement their skill-set by gaining a good understanding of change and corporate culture management

Course Outline

MODULE 1: The Global and Competitive Telecommunications Environment
• Deregulation and competition
• Globalization
• New telecom players
• New technologies and services
• Global trends, impacts and challenges

MODULE 2: Key Business Success Factors
• Policies and regulation
• Business
• Organizational
• Management

MODULE 3: Change Management
• The change process
• The skill requirements
• Tips for change agents
• Change management strategies
• Opportunity
• Challenges

MODULE 4: Adapting Organizations to Succeed in the Competitive Telecom World
• Design of a global plan and a step-by-step methodology for organizations seeking to effect a change in corporate culture and management approach
• How to develop a culture adapted to the competitive environment and based on the business’ vision, challenges and objectives
• Basic elements of organizational development and management approach to face business changes
• Strategic communication plan: a tool designed to rally executives, managers and employees’ ongoing support for meeting the objectives and strategies put forth by management
• How to identify skills training plans and programs to foster business change
• Corporate values: the basis of human resources, training and organizational development programs

Tuition: $4,000